Aqua Services for Pre Tank Filter

Aqua Contaminated Water Diverter

Also known as the First Flush Diverter. Ensures your tank water is kept pure and free of sludge and debris.

  • The Contaminated Water Diverter (CWD) is a manual pre-tank filter - a first flush diverter.
  • Over time a house’s guttering accumulates a lot of debris – dirt, leaf material, loose bird faecal matter etc. – when it rains that is all washed into your water tank.
  • The Manual Contaminated Water Diverter Tank system prevents this material entering and contaminating your water tank by temporarily disconnecting the roof from your water tank.The contaminated water is siphoned off and goes to waste.
  • It makes sense to prevent debris getting into your water tank – it saves on cleaning and maintenance, and means quality water from any tap in your home.
  • There are two ways water gets from the roof of your house to your water tank. The first is a siphon system – the pipe work goes below ground then up into your water tank. The second is a direct system - the guttering pipe work runs from the roof overhead and straight into your water tank.
  • The CWD can be connected to any water tank system preventing all those “gutter nasties” from getting into your drinking water. It can even be adapted to fit underground water tanks.
  • In simple terms, when the CWD is in " flush-mode", the head of water between the water tank and the in-line filter, rushes down the downpipe. This rinses the in-line filter and drops all dirt and debris into the bottom of the sediment tank. This is then vacuumed out to waste by opening a slide valve.
  • It’s simple, it saves on maintenance and cleaning and it gives great tasting water, making contaminated water a thing of the past.

  • Manual open & close function (great when cleaning the roof).
  • Self-rising in-line filter.
  • Can be fitted to both Syphon and Direct set ups, above or below ground water tanks
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