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Aqua Services operates as a Licenced division of Aqua Synergy Group and since 1994 we have been committed to being the best provider of water filtration products and services to the Residential and Lifestyle markets throughout New Zealand.

We have extensive experience in our field and have become the Brand you can trust for all of your products and services that Aqua offers.

There’s a saying you can try the rest or use the best, that’s why they call us the A Team.


We are your one stop shop for tank & gutter cleaning services and for all your rain harvesting needs.

Tank Cleaning

Aqua Services provide a full tank clean service. We are experts in the cleaning and inspection of your tank for any repairs or issues that may arise. Our team are certified for confined spaces and fully trained in all aspects of tank cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning services unblock your gutters and downpipes to ensure water is flowing off the roof and into your rainwater tank or harvesting tank system. Clean gutters will reduce maintenance costs and if your rain harvesting, it will help with your water quality.

Roof Cleaning

Moss and Mould is both unsightly and unhealthy but with our moss and mould treatment, you can maintain your home or small building. Our roof treatments will protect your roof against moss and mould for 6 to 12 months. We guarantee quality work and use eco-friendly products.

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Trough Cleaning

We specialise in water blasting, cleaning, and maintenance of your troughs for busy lifestyle block owners and farmers - large and small. We pride ourselves on providing fresh clean water to your family & animals for their health, hygiene and farm profitability.

Rain Harvesting

Harvesting of rainwater is an efficient and eco friendly technique of reducing water usage in your home, which will lead to lower water bills. Aqua Services provide a solution for your rain harvesting requirements which includes installation of your new rain harvesting system.

Water Blasting

Our technicians are armed with the latest high pressure water blasting equipment. Water blasting helps to get rid of dirt and grime that builds up over time on the drive, deck or footpath of your home. We are experienced in using the right pressure for jobs to leave a clean surface behind.


We had our gutters and tanks clean by Greg and his team last week. They were extremely professional, turned up exactly when they said and did a great job. I would highly recommend them. What I liked most about Greg was that he answered all of my questions about tanks etc as I am very new to the world of tank water and he helped me understand so much more. Had my tank cleaned by Greg at Aqua Services recently. He did a great job. Easy to deal with and good customer communication. Highly recommended👍

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